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Since 1977 one of our core business is Wedding Suits. We have been dressing Grooms for almost 40 years.

Through our expericence, research and thorough study of international style and fashion trends, we provide personalised advise and service for your outfit on your dreamed wedding day.

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A tuxedo is an investment

You're getting a uniform that will guide you through formal events for several years. Though seemingly simple (white shirt and black suit), the details can get complicated. Even if you choose to own several different tuxes, each individual look must follow a relatively strict formula for the outfit to work. And whether worn just once by a bridegroom or several nights a week by a man on the benefit circuit, tuxes are no longer a post-5 P.M. phenomenon.

Here, tips on how to find the best tux for you, plus a pricing guide and expert advice on choosing the right shirts, jackets, ties, and accessories, and how to clean your suit properly.

Stay classic, but experiment

"With formalwear, you want to stay traditional but still step out of your comfort zone and try something new without going completely off the rails. Forget the black suit with black tie. Try a shawl-collar lapel instead of the typical peak lapel. Keep in mind that you wear tuxes to events where you're around a lot of the same people in the same social circle. This is especially true for weddings, so wear something that you can change up a little."

Size depends on your proportions—to a degree

"At Against Nature, we favor slimmer, narrower lapels and collars that are proportional to the individual's body. So if a man has very broad shoulders, they're going to be slightly wider, and vice versa for a very narrow-shouldered guy. The same goes for accessories. Our silhouette tends to be slim with no pleats—just a clean garment working with very small and subtle details."

The bow tie is king

"When you don a tuxedo, there are many ways to wear a regular tie, but if it's real formalwear, you've got to wear a bow tie. There are plenty of styles to choose from: Slim, large, classic butterfly, pointed thistle-end, straight, and more."

 Wear a cummerbund the right way

"Cummerbunds went out of fashion and, like all things that go out, they came back in. There are ways to make a cummerbund work well, but it can't be that huge traditional sash."

"We make them sleeker and with smaller proportions so they look really sharp. When it's slimmer, it creates a longer silhouette and brings your waist up. We like to use the same satin in the sides of the pants and lapels and a slightly wider waistband in that same satin—with no buttons or details, so it's very smooth and gives just the idea of a cummerbund."

Get two shirts, minimum

"I recommend getting two shirts—one that has a fly placket (which means you don't see any buttons) and the other that has the option for studs, so you're already working different looks into the tuxedo."

Say yes to suspenders

"I like suspenders, I think they're kind of cool. We generally put suspender buttons on the inside of all our tuxedo trousers, so whether you choose to wear suspenders or not, you can. You can wear an ivory suspender against a white shirt so it's subtle, but the difference is there."

Work your accessories with the seasons and trends

"Have one classic, traditional bow tie that matches the satin or grosgrain of the lapel and maybe something a little more daring, too. If it's a winter event, people might wear a flannel, wool, or cashmere bow tie. In the summer, you might do a different color silk or something festive."

"For pocket squares, we generally do a classic cream or white in a subtly textured fabric like pique or basket weave. In the summer, we might do a white linen pocket square. Having a couple of options at the ready can make it easy to change up your look."

When to get a midnight-blue tux

"There are a few different types of people who wear midnight blue. If you already have a classic tuxedo and want something a little different for your second one, this shade is a good choice. There's also someone who just wants to make a statement; this is something that can work particularly well if you're the groom—but you don't want to outshine the groom if you're a guest. We've done everything from charcoal gray to bright purple, blue plaid, and a white smoking jacket."

Linings are all about personal choice

"In terms of fabric, you can have a lightweight one in the summer and a heavier weight in the fall. With patterns and colors, it's really a personal choice. We've tried to incorporate unique details; we've taken pieces of the bride's dress and created an inside pocket."

"There's kind of this expectation that you have to have a loud lining when you get a custom suit, but the more traditional suit-makers on Savile Row will discourage you from going bright."

On shirts and buttons

"We generally offer covered buttons instead of standard horn buttons. On shirts we either do the fly placket or studs. We never do a button-down on a tuxedo shirt because it's a more casual look and we want to keep it formal."


On the importance of canvassed linings

"The most important thing that people talk about in suit jackets is canvassing. You need a canvassed lining to give a jacket the proper shape in the front—whether it's a half canvas that's just on the chest plate or something that runs the full front of the coat." "More mass-market (lower-priced) manufacturers use an alternative called fusing, which is something that's pressed onto the front of the garment to give it more shape and body, but that's not going to add the same shape to the body, and in time it will begin to bubble. A canvassed garment will shape to your body and have a much better silhouette. When I go to different stores, I'm always feeling jackets to see how well they're canvassed."


Maintaining/cleaning your tux